Our Projects

Support & social opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans young people

In Sheffield we operate the LGBT Youth Service which is made up of a number of groups and interventions:

For LGBT young people under the age of 18 we run a twice a week social and support group offering activities and opportunities to help to support young people’s identity and peer support networks.

Off the Scene
For LGBT young people aged 18 and up to 25 years we offer a safe and supportive group where young people can learn, grow and support each other.

For Trans* young people we run a supportive group once every two weeks.


Support & social opportunities for young people living with HIV

We run a once weekly group called Yambo which is for young people affected by HIV and aged under 19, as well as Information, training and advice for professionals. Young people may be either HIV+ themselves or living with someone who is HIV+.

Volunteering opportunities for adults and young people

Young people have opportunities to volunteer through our range of programmes including Duke Of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Young Leaders, Gay/Straight Alliance work, Peer Supporters and Peer Educators.

We welcome applications from adults over 18 who may wish to volunteer in the Charity. Please emailinfo@sayouthtrust.org.uk for an application pack.