Here are some of the awards that SAYiT are proud to have won!

The Diana Award for our anti-bullying work in schools

Sheena Amos Youth Trust have received the Diana Anti-bullying Champion Award for their inspiring work with young people that tackles homophobia and transphobia.

The Diana Award encourages young people to contribute to their communities, to reach their full potential, and to get involved with social action and make a difference to others. One of the Diana Award aims is to reduce bullying in schools and communities which is just what Sheena Amos Youth Trust have been working towards with their performances and workshops around sexuality and gender identity.

SAYiT are very proud of our young people, and all their hard work and dedication to the project. A big thank you to all our young people for all that you do!

The British Youth Council Youth-On-Board award for being a youth-led organisation


We are delighted to have been awarded a BYC Youth on Board Award, for the Youth-led Organisation Award.  We at SAYiT work hard to ensure that young people’s voices are heard and that they shape the work we do across our projects. Youth voice is encouraged throughout our work but we are particularly proud of young volunteers who work to counter homophobia in Sheffield youth spaces.

We feel the award highlights the great impact that our young LGBT people are having in Sheffield and we are thrilled that has been recognised by the well-respected BYC.

The Quality By Right Sheffield Award for high quality services that involve young people

The Ambition Silver Quality Assurance Award for excellence in Youth Work