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LGBT Support Sheffield

The Sheena Amos Youth Trust (SAYiT) is an independent young people’s charity based in Sheffield, UK. Operating since 1999, SAYiT runs a range of health projects in partnership with young people.

Click on our projects page for more information about what we do.  You can find out more about the charity’s background and the current team in the about us section.  Or click news for the latest on what we’ve been up to!  Thank you for visiting our website.  Please get in touch with us if you’d like more information!

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Our Projects

SAYiT Events In May Get Involved!

Here at SAYiT we are hosting a number of events in May that we would like you to get involved in!   2 May there is a Free: Sheffield Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) Forum with a focus on transgender young people. This event is aimed at professionals wanting...

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Sex and Relationships Statutory, March 2017

Justine Greening has announced today that Relationships and Sex Education is to be made statutory so every child has age appropriate education from the age of 4. The exact curriculum hasn't been laid out, but ‘age-appropriate’ lessons will have particular emphasis on...

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Our Services and Provisions

Sheena Amos Youth Trust offers a broad range of services and provisions for both young people and professionals in South Yorkshire including :

Support & social opportunities for lesbian, gay, bisexual & trans young people.
Support & social opportunities for young people living with HIV.
Volunteering opportunities for adults and young people.
Training & support for Schools, Colleges, Universities, Conferences & youth organisations.